Friday, March 11, 2011

21 Ways to Make a Quick Buck 2000 Dollars Fast

Let’s say you need some quick bucks – 2000 bucks, to be specific. How is it possible to make 2000 dollars fast short of finding it on the street or stealing it? (Don’t count on the first, and don’t do the last.) To help you make some money, here are twenty-one quick ways to make a buck when you need it. Note that some of these may not be sustainable, so you won’t necessarily be able to repeat them. They are more ‘one off’ uses, so be sure to use them when you truly need them! In addition, consider combining them to have multiple revenue streams working for you at the same time.

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1.First, you can’t simply sit around and think “I need 2000 dollars fast,” and expect it to appear. You’re very, very unlikely to find some quick and easy and effortless method to get the money you need. Making money is about providing value. In some way or another, you will have to provide value or leverage value to another individual to get that $2000, short of finding a treasure chest or something. Free money doesn’t exist, so get up and moving.

2.Define your time frame. Do you need to make this money today? By the end of the week? In a month? You need to know how much time you’re playing with here. The more time, the more options, and the less drastic you’ll have to act. The ways that follow will be organized from ‘longest’ time frame to ‘shortest,’ though all of them will be relatively recent (within a month at most).

3.You could try to make money online. This is probably the first place you should start, given the fact that it’s a very low-barrier to entry business to get into. There are plenty of ways to earn decent money over the internet. You could fill out surveys, try your hand at article and freelance writing, or complete other offers. You could also freelance for other people, depending on the skills you have at your disposal. Think of what you can do or offer that would provide value to someone you could connect with over the Internet.

4.There are also many systems out there that can help you on your way, especially if you are new to the scene and need to learn the basics. For instance, this e-book product gives you a list of 250 ways to make money online. While we can’t list that many here, this product can definitely give you many ideas for you to form your own part-time or full-time online business. Check it out here.
5.You can also sell your possessions. If you have a large item that you don’t need, like a car or TV, you’ll be able to make more money. It is possible, of course, to sell smaller items like books, CDs, and DVDs, but you probably won’t make much per sale. You’ll thus have to make hundreds of sales to meet your goal. As for venues, offline yard sales, flea markets, and pawn shops are fine, but online is probably the best bet. Try sites like craigslist, Amazon, and Ebay.

6.How about selling your skills, either online or offline? For instance, if you are smart, you could tutor kids in subjects you’re good at. If you’re a good musician, consider giving lessons to people. If you can speak a 2nd language, offer lessons. If you can’t speak another language, don’t count yourself out of this idea – you could even give lessons in your native language as well!

7.Check out Craigslist. Some will post short-term work. Some of it may be menial and below your “pay grade,” but at the very least you’ll make some quick cash.

8.A note – watch out for scams. If people know that you are desperate for money, they may be more willing to try to scam out, as they think your desperation will overwhelm your reason. Don’t let this happen – if it’s too good to be true, it most likely isn’t true at all.

9.Find other people’s “junk” and try to flip it for a profit. This works well if you are good at fixing things, like cars or computers. Simply pick up people’s junk for pennies on the dollar, refurbish it, and flip it. In fact, if you were really good at this, you could make it into a business down the line. Try driving around your town to see what people are throwing out. You may find furniture and other items that just need a little TLC to be back to new condition. You can then sell these for a profit, too.

10.Reduce your expenses. Granted, this is not ‘earning’ money per se, but if it leaves more money in your bank account, what’s the real difference? Cutting back on food, entertainment, and other non-necessities may be the ticket, coupled with canceling internet, TV, and so on. If you are desperate, you are going to have to resort to desperate measures.

11.Try part time work, either on your own or through a company. Completing odd jobs for people, like mowing lawns, landscaping, cleaning, and babysitting, could earn you some decent money quickly.

12.If you have extra time, consider a part-time job. You may be able to work evenings or weekends, especially if you already have a full 9-5. This is not a great long-term option, as you will burn out eventually, but it can be good for a quick fix.

13.Borrow money from your friends or family. You’ll have to swallow your pride with this one, but it’s a great way of scoring a near interest free loan. If you do this option, make sure you fill out a contract that will specify the terms of the agreement. This is necessary to avoid any fights, disagreements, or awkwardness later, and to protect all parties involved.

14.Borrow from retirement accounts and other investment vehicles. While you may pay a penalty to do this, it may be worth it if it helps you avoid a more severe penalty elsewhere.

15.Try writing an E-book. If you have knowledge or skills to sell that others want to know about, info products are a great way to leverage your time and talent. Don’t worry about having to make it a long tome – your E-book could be 10-20 pages. Simply call it a “report” and sell it for $7. You can then get an army of affiliates to peddle your book; thus, you can leave the marketing efforts to those who are best at them. Granted, you’ll have to share some of your profits in the form of commissions, but you’ll probably make more this way than if you tried to do it all yourself.

16.If you are really new at the make money online game, take a look at this e-book – it can give you the basics, the fundamentals if you will, that you will need to start your own business. You can visit the product’s site by clicking this link right now.

17.Keep your eyes peeled for online and offline jobs and opportunities to make quick money.
Medical research, surveys, and other events may be one-off times to make some quick money. You will only know if you notice them, though.

18.You might be able to get a 2000 dollar loan from a bank or loan company, though it may not happen as quickly as you’d like. Check out online microloan and e-loan companies, both of which may be able to get you the money quicker, and perhaps even with a lower interest rate.

19.Apply for a new credit card. This can be risky if you’re going to have problems paying it off, and may not work for some needs, but it’s a decent proposition if nothing else is available for you to get 2000 dollars fast.

20.Perhaps the most extreme option is a payday loan. These are usually never a good deal, even if you do happen to avoid the nasty scammers out there who will annihilate you. The APRs you pay on these can be absolutely brutal, so be very careful to read over the terms of the agreement to make sure you’re not going to get hammered in the end. Some payday loans could cost you many times the worth of the loan if you get a nasty APR!

21.Before taking any drastic measures, some of which are described above, make sure it’s worth it. If you need the money to put food on the table or keep the lights on, then it’s worth it. If you need that money to buy tickets to the latest sports game or concert, perhaps you should reevaluate your priorities before going in and making a decision that could affect you in the long term.
Have any more ways? Leave them in the comments below!

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